Livermore Farmers' Market

2152 Second Street
Livermore, CA 94550
✔️ Baked goods
✔️ Cheese
✔️ Credit cards
✔️ Eggs
✔️ Flowers
✔️ Honey
✔️ Nuts
✔️ Organic foods
✔️ Plants
✔️ Poultry
✔️ Prepared foods
✔️ Seafood
✔️ Soap
✔️ Vegetables
✔️ WIC

Livermore Farmers' Market is Livermore's most comprehensive farmers market.

Poultry, seafood, eggs, vegetables, cheese, organic foods, and nuts are available from local farmers. It's the only market in Livermore where you can find seafood, poultry, nuts, eggs, cheese, and soap. You can also purchase baked goods and prepared foods there.

Payment types accepted include WIC, SFMNP, credit cards, and SNAP.