East End Market at Bown Crossing

South Bown Way
Boise, ID 83706
✔️ Baked goods
✔️ Cheese
✔️ Crafts
✔️ Credit cards
✔️ Eggs
✔️ Flowers
✔️ Herbs
✔️ Honey
✔️ Jams
✔️ Meat
✔️ Nursery
✔️ Organic foods
✔️ Plants
✔️ Poultry
✔️ Prepared foods
✔️ Soap
✔️ Vegetables
✔️ Wine

East End Market at Bown Crossing is the largest farmers market in Boise.

Cheese, vegetables, organic foods, herbs, eggs, poultry, and meat are available from local producers. It's the only market in Boise that offers herbs, poultry, jams, meat, organic foods, wine, flowers, cheese, crafts, plants, eggs, credit cards, nursery, vegetables, baked goods, prepared foods, soap, and honey. You can also purchase baked goods and prepared foods there.

Payments accepted accepted include credit cards.