The Wild Ramp

555 14th Street West
Huntington, WV 25704
✔️ Baked goods
✔️ Beans
✔️ Cheese
✔️ Coffee
✔️ Crafts
✔️ Credit cards
✔️ Eggs
✔️ Flowers
✔️ Fruits
✔️ Grains
✔️ Herbs
✔️ Honey
✔️ Jams
✔️ Juice
✔️ Maple
✔️ Meat
✔️ Mushrooms
✔️ Organic foods
✔️ Plants
✔️ Poultry
✔️ Prepared foods
✔️ Seafood
✔️ Soap
✔️ Trees
✔️ Vegetables
✔️ Wic cash

The Wild Ramp is the largest farmers market in Huntington.

Local producers sell fruits, poultry, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, herbs, cheese, meat, organic foods, grains, and eggs. It's the only market in Huntington that offers WIC cash, vegetables, soap, jams, maple, SFMNP, mushrooms, organic foods, flowers, grains, baked goods, honey, crafts, fruits, trees, poultry, meat, beans, SNAP, herbs, coffee, cheese, plants, juice, eggs, credit cards, prepared foods, and seafood. Vendors also sell baked goods and prepared foods on site.

You can pay with credit cards, SFMNP, SNAP, and WIC cash.